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Shipping And Ocean Engineering Solutions

The electric devices designed and manufactured by Sikes are prevalently applied in key motoring systems of shipping and ocean engineering industries, providing solutions to customers looking for stable and efficient motor drives.

The Sikes’ harmonic filters have been assembled on oil drilling platforms by renowned service providers, and have endured harsh working conditions to provide reliable and high-quality power supply to the platform, winning approval from clients.

The Sikes’s reactors are used by motor magnates in large-scale vessel driving and propelling system to guarantee safe and efficient cross-ocean transmissions.

Sikes also develops water-proof electrical transformers for a Canadian yachts enterprise that functions smoothly underwater.

Sikes is pleased to provide tailored solutions to shipping and ocean engineering applications to our clients. We possess an experience in the field for over 10 years, and we are diligent in establishing and maintaining long term partnership.