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Railway Transportation Solution

Railway transportation system, such as urban rails and high-speed railways, requires stubborn, enduring technical solutions that are proved reliable. Sikes emphasizes on the development and technical support of products fulfilling these properties. The Sikes’ reactors, electrical transformers, DC filters and harmonic filters are specially designed and manufactured to handle the working condition in carriages and air-conditioning engine rooms. The product series adopt the spectacular all-sealing epoxy cast techniques to reach a protection level of up to IP67, so that the products remain a fairly fine and stable performance under harsh working conditions such as high humidity or elevated temperature. During carriages’ service, the sensors must expel wastage to ambience in the form of heat; Sikes brews a high performance, small size solution to sensors based on its deep technological accumulation and outstanding product design. The Sikes’ products accord with the domestic and international layout of Chinese high-speed railways, subways and urban rails and conform to the rapid development of railway transportation industry.