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Sikes is dedicated in providing solutions to new energy and inverter related products. We also provide customized solutions according to clients' requirements.

Main products of our company is as below
Electric power quality solutions(harmonic filters, sine wave filters, input reactors, output reactors, DC reactors).
Braking&energy saving solutions(energy regenerators, braking units, braking resistors).
Industrial automation solutions(EMC/EMI Filters, control transformers, isolation transformers, harmonic filters).
Photovotaic and wind power generating solutions(reactors, photovoltaic isolation transformers, EMC/EMI Filters for photovoltaic inverters).
Railway transportation solution(railway-specialized harmonic filters, railway-specialized sine wave filters, DC filters).
Motor, charging pile, inverter solutions(AC load banks, DC load banks, RCD load banks, harmonic filters, phase-shifting rectifier transformers, reactors for inverter testing).
Shipping&ocean engineering solutions(waterproof transformers, load banks for power generator testing).
Aerospace&military industry solutions(load banks for power generator testing, aerospace-specialized high frequency transformers).

Research and Developing Strength
Sikes has a strong R&D team containing multiple professional electrical engineers and architecture engineers, capable of working out solutions and providing 3D-effect diagrams and assembly diagrams quickly according to clients' requirements.

Research and Developing History
Braking units and braking resistors were developed in 2006.
In 2007, regenerative unit were developed and manufactured to replace braking units and resistors.
In 2008, resistors of various categories are researched and developed to conform to different working conditions.
In 2009, Sikes offered customized load banks for test use.
Reactors, transformers, EMC/EMI Filters are developed in the year 2010.
In 2015, the Sikes researched and developed passive harmonic filters and sine wave filters.

  • ISO9001 Certificate
    ISO9001 Certificate
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    CE Certificate
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    Patent Certificate
  • Certification
    Thyssenkrupp using Sikes' braking resistor cabinet in Bai Long sightseeing elevators in Zhangjiajie
  • Certificate
    Sikes' sine wave filters applied in testing train engines of China South Railway
  • Certificate
    Sikes' power isolation transformers serving GREE intelligent automatic devices