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Photovotaic And Wind Power Generating Solution

The Shenzhen Sikes Electric designs and manufactures EMC/EMI/RFI filters that are prevalently applied in converting and inverting circuits of photovoltaic inverters, wind power inverters and variable speed drivers. The filters are often placed at the front end of converting bridge to suppress the noise and high frequency harmonics generated by power grid and its SMPS. The filters can effectively reduce the line-to-line and line-to-ground EMC conduction interference. Sikes supports customization of EMC/EMI/RFI filters' plug-in wastage and leakage current according to customers’ specification. All Sikes’ conduction interference suppressing filters are developed and manufactured with consideration of demands from clients and the market; consequently, Sikes is capable of providing stable and reliable EMC interference suppressing unit under all conditions where a reliable power supply is required. The units cover a range of system voltage including 200V/400V/690V/1100V, reach a maximum current of 1600A, and achieve a protection level up to IP67 with respect to working conditions.