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Motor,Charging Pile, Inverter Testing Solution

The load banks designed and manufactured by Shenzhen Sikes Electric are widely adopted in motors, fuel generator sets, wind power generator sets, photovoltaic generator sets, VFDs, inverters, UPSs and other devices to perform simulation tests. Common variations of resistance load units include DC load banks, RCD load banks, AC load banks and others, all of which support standard pre-delivery inspections, onsite commissioning and quality verification; the load banks can also be applied in charging piles burn-in tests, battery tests and scientific research based tests. Sikes offers optional PC/contactor controlling and all sorts of RS485 communication ports to simplify remote control of load banks. Following the unparalleled development in new energy vehicle industry home and abroad, Sikes provides a one-stop solution to load banks for charging piles of electricity-powered automobile, including the design, manufacturing, data exportation and real-time inspection of the product. The solution satisfies the requirement of charging pile manufacturers on load banks that support multiple power levels, multiple voltage levels and series-parallel variations.