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Electric Power Quality Solution

The power quality solution provided by Shenzhen Sikes Electric includes EMC/RFI filters, noise filter, harmonic filters, sine wave filters, filtering reactors and other products, and is widely used in data centers, engine rooms, labs, central air-conditioners and commercial air-conditioners. Sikes manufactures and supplies parts used for factory buildings, air-conditioning system in data centers, intelligent electricity distribution, power saving renovation and air cleansing. The standard solution of Sikes’ passive harmonic filter agrees with general requirements of THDI < 10% from major industries, bears a system voltage of 200V-690V, and conforms to international industrial standards such as EN 61000-3-2 and IEEE 519. Harmonic filter also support customized design to cope with stricter standards of THD < 5% from high-precision industries such as semi-conductor manufacturing and robot controlling, or to extend service life and reliability of the products. The Sikes’ sine wave filters can be applied to prevent motor overvoltage, to reduce motor noise and wearing, and to handle special working conditions of excessive cable length between the inverter and the motor. The sine wave filters are frequently used in mine lifting, mining transferring and oil field projects. The Sikes’ EMC/RFI filters offer a filtering solution of single, double and multiple stages, have a maximum current of 1600A, and therefore satisfying the application circumstances that require interference resistance. The EMC/RFI filters is widely used in medical machinery, power supply for SMPS, inverters, motor drives and photovoltaic inverters, and is capable of effectively reduce interference conduction from all sources.