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Braking And Energy Saving Solution

The braking and energy saving solutions provided by Shenzhen Sikes Electric mainly fall into two categories, traditional dynamic braking units and regenerative braking units. The dynamic braking unit consists of a braking unit and a dynamic braking resistor, and reduces the proceeding distance of inverters or server motors during faults, sudden braking or power blackout by energy-consuming braking. The Regenerative braking unit repays the regenerative power caused by braking to DC buses through inverting circuits during decelerating or braking. The two braking solutions are massively used in automobiles, cranes, elevators, winches, forging machinery and devices alike. Sikes develops special-purpose regenerative power units to manage all kinds of working conditions; a prominent instance is the IF-EV series of regenerative power units that are designed against intelligent elevators and are compatible with renowned elevator brands such as Hitachi, Mitsubishi, OTIS and Fuji. This series have two voltage grades with 220V and 400V, equipped with AC/DC circuit breakers and LCL filtering reactors to ensure the stability of services and the power quality of regenerative electricity back to net grid. Besides, Sikes also develops the IF-D series of regenerative power units that conform to harsh working conditions such as long-term heavy load and reach a maximum power of 400KW. The IF-D series are compatible to usage in automobile motors, motorbike engines, forging devices and heavy load punching machines.