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Aero Space And Military Industry Solution

Sikes designs and manufactures high frequency inductors and special electrical transformers that conform to power supply usage in aerospace and military industries. The Sikes’ electric device series are crafted with high quality, low wastage silicon laminations, high performance coils and heat enduring insulated materials, and adopt outstanding foil winding technique; consequently, the products remain a stable and satisfactory performance under harsh working conditions, including high humidity and elevated temperature. The inductors and electrical transformers feature low leakage current, high insulation resistance and fine damping capacity to prevent high frequency interference and noise. The device set supports optional built-in protection for short circuit and overcurrent; good humidity resistance and a mold made from epoxy resin secures negligible a noise level. Common types of power sources supported by Sikes’ inductors and electrical transformers include 400Hz medium frequency power sources, aerospace-utilized bottom power sources, aerospace-utilized DC power sources, programmable 400 Hz power sources and so on.