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7.5KW-90KW Regenerative Unit

7.5KW-90KW Regenerative Unit

The Sikes' 7.5kW~90kW regenerative power unit solves the problems caused by regenerative energy during deceleration, braking and dragging of the motors. The device detects the voltage in DC bus, and then returns the regenerative energy back to power grid, achieving energy efficiency and protecting the environment, as well as preventing the inverter from stepping into over voltage protection, securing regular service of the motors.

The regenerative power unit is applied in dyeing, printing, textile processing, paper manufacturing industries, digital machine tools and stonecutters.

Power range: 7.5kVA-90kVA
Chopper Voltage: 620VDC
Output AC Power Voltage: three-phase 400VAC
Operating Frequency: 46-60Hz
Precision Index: setting error less than 0.5%
Overload Capability: 110% long-term, 150% 1min, 180% 2s
Protection Functionality: OCP, OVP, UVP, overheating protection and polarity protection
Ambient Temperature: -10-60℃(not freezing)
Ambient Humidity: below 90%(not freezing)
Ambient Altitude: <1000m
Protection Level: IP20
Cooling Mode: forced-air cooling
Installation Method: wall-mounted

1. The regenerative power unit supports multiple devices being used together, connected in parallel.
2. Microprocessor chip with quick response and high-precision control is adopted to secure safe, stable and reliable execution of the device.
3. The power unit features intelligent detection and control of circuit status, examining current, voltage and temperature under acceleration, deceleration or steady state operation of the motors.
4. The device uses SPWM modulation to significantly reduce distortion in current, form excellent sine wave current and enhance power factor.
5. The product is capable of preventing issues such as power grid flowing back, overheating, overcurrent, out of phase, undervoltage and short circuit.
6. Self-adaptive wiring technique are applied to the power unit, with no need to disassemble discharging resistor, to distinguish the positive and negative poles of the bus, or to distinguish the three phases when connecting to power grids.
7. The product provides an operation panel showing input DC voltage, output AC voltage, output AC current and module temperature, with an interior memory unit recording the input voltage, output voltage/current and module temperature at last fault. The panel' s action potential can be changed; execution parameters can be modified using press keys.
8. An intelligent cooling fan and a low frequency wave filtering device are embedded in the device.
9. The regenerative power unit is compatible with all elevators, oil pumping machines, port cranes and tower cranes, domestic or imported.

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