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Heavy Load Dynamic Braking Unit

Heavy Load Dynamic Braking Unit

The Sikes' heavy load dynamic braking unit is mainly applied to eliminate the energy regenerated during the deceleration, braking or dragging of the motors. The braking unit detects the voltage of DC bus, and consumes regenerative energy on the resistor to prevent the inverter from stepping into over voltage protection, thus securing regular service of motors.

In case frequent braking is required and energy saving is considered, the discharging resistor can be replaced with our energy regenerator to return the energy back to the electric grids instead of wasting it on the resistor.

The heavy load dynamic braking unit is widely used in mining winches, cranes, port cranes, elevating conveyors, salvage ships and furnace winches.

Rated power: 85KW-450KW, based on 25℃ air cleaniness class
Rated braking current: ≤400A
Minimum resistance value: 1.9Ω(5Ω supported according to specification)
Chopper voltage range: DC660V±5V(Jump line), DC760V(1200V supported according to specification)
Voltage grade: 400V
Protection Level: IP00/IP20 or client specified
Terminal: M8
ED: 20%-40%
Working Temperature: -55-65℃
Insulation Resistance: >1000MΩ(500V 25℃ 75% humidity)
Dielectric Strength: >3.0kV 50Hz 1min(25℃ 75% humidity)

1. The heavy load dynamic braking unit features high long-term stability and wide compatibility.
2. The braking unit can be easily connected with plugs and supports installing multiple units connected in parallel.
3. The device conforms to CE and FCC standards.
4. No extra configuration or commissioning effort is needed for the product.
5. The device achieves fine heat radiation from attached cooling fans.
6. The discharging resistor is integrated on the board of the braking unit.

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