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Power Resistor

    1. Adjustable Wirewound ResistorThe adjustable wirewound resistor is manufactured with high quality constantan wires that go through insulating treatment; the wires are then tightly winded onto the ceramic tubes and fixed on metal protection holders.
    1. Aluminum Housed Power ResistorThe aluminum housed power resistor has advantage over traditional ceramic scaffolding resistors in weathering resistance, vibration endurance and security. The product is easy to be assembled tightly to the circuit and to attach a heat radiator, and features an agreeable appearance.
    1. Aluminum Case Resistor UnitThe aluminum case resistor unit features excellent weathering resistance, vibration endurance and security, which makes it a better choice than traditional ceramic scaffolding resistors.
    1. Dynamic Braking ResistorThe Sikes' dynamic braking resistor is manufactured by cascading and shunting of braking resistors of various power and resistance. It uses mandatory wind cooling from intelligent axial blower, and is suitable for braking great power(over 35kW) and great current.
    1. LED Light Load ResistorThe LED light load resistor belongs to wire winding resistor series with stable capability and high quality; the resistor is capable of rapid heat radiation with restricted space provided. As heat passes through the aluminum cover of the product, the power dissipates quickly to the surface of the resistor.
    1. Stainless Steel ResistorThe stainless steel resistor is capable of working under harsh conditions such as those with high temperature and strong erosion; all components of the resistor can be manufactured with alloy steel materials, including resistor end plates, protection covers, bolts and nuts.
    1. Vitreous Enamel Coated ResistorThe vitreous enamel coated resistor can be used as an open primary body to provide OEM service according to IP protection level specified. The resistor can be installed in self-made covers or indoor/outdoor cabinets, endures heat up to 500℃.
    1. Wirewound ResistorThe Sikes' wirewound resistor fixes two outgoing terminals on its cylinder ceramic tubes, with alloy resistance stacklines of wave shape winded and a coating with anti-flaming and heat resisting functionality applied on the surface.

Sikes mainly provide electronic components and electric power quality device, including power resistor, EMC and EMI filter, AC and DC reactor, power transformer, and dynamic braking unit for use in power inverter, frequency converter, servo drive system. As we have fully equipped manufacturing equipment, and power resistors can be applied in cranes and industrial elevators, our company offers high quality industrial electrical components and electrical devices for customers.