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Aluminum Case Resistor Unit

  • Aluminum Case Resistor Unit
  • Aluminum Case Resistor Unit

The aluminum case resistor unit features excellent weathering resistance, vibration endurance and security, which makes it a better choice than traditional ceramic scaffolding resistors. The product is easy to be assembled tightly to the circuit, to attach a heat radiator and to independently couple with other components. The resistor also features a pleasing appearance, and is an ideal auxiliary product of electronic and electric systems.

The aluminum case resistor unit is widely used in circuits with high requirements, such as power generators, inverters and servo motors. The resistor can replace regular high power resistance boxes and works smoothly under harsh working conditions.

Power Range: 10k-30kW
Working Voltage: <1.2kV
Resistance Range: 1-10kR
Dielectric Strength: 3000V AC/50Hz/5s
Protection Level: IP00/IP33
Vibration: 1.5g
TCR: ≤400ppm/℃
Material of Current Carrier: OCr25Al5
Advantage: conform to harsh working conditions
Disadvantage: Working voltage is not particularly high

1. The aluminum case resistor unit enjoys a IP21-IP65 high water proof level.
2. The resistor unit features high power of over 30kW in a single unit, and a compact structure with a smooth surface and no moving parts outside the cover.
3. The device has high pulse load and strong vibration endurance.
4. The resistor unit can be applied to terminals connected through welding or by screws.

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