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Waterproof Electrical Transformer

  • Waterproof Electrical Transformer
  • Waterproof Electrical Transformer

The Sikes' waterproof electrical transformer resorts to iron cores made up of high quality silicon steel sheets to achieve high reliability, small size, light weight and competitive price of the product. The coils employ high performance, high heat endurance composite insulation materials and adopt scaffolding winding technique, resulting in high electromagnetic endurance and a tidy appearance. According to different insulation levels, various varnishing is performed on the transformer to significantly reduce the noise and enhance its endurance against salty spray and mold. Through varnishing the transformer also receives small magnetic leakage and stable capability.

The waterproof electrical transformer is used as power generators of devices in various industries such as shipping, cruising boats, telecommunication and chemistry.

Power Range: 13kVA
Phase: single phase
Rated Voltage: 400V-260V AC
Connection Method: Lao
Frequency: 47.5Hz
Cooling Method: natural cooling
Insulation Level: level F
Dielectric Strength: iron core-windings 3000V AC/50Hz/5mA, 10s without arcing or breakdown
Insulation Resistance: ≥100MΩ
Transformer Noise: <75dB(tested 1 meter away from the transformer)
Standards Conformed: IEC, GB

1. The waterproof electrical transformer features current segregation, small noise and low temperature rise.
2. Through vacuum pressure varnishing techniques, the transformer gains excellent erosion resistance.
3. The device embeds a fault protection module that can be customized.
4. A compact design is applied to achieve high efficiency per unit volume.
5. Various combinations of input/output voltage are available with the transformer.
6. Optional touch protection utility is equipped by the terminals.
7. The coils are constructed by teeming to conform to long term use in the water.

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