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Dry type Electrical Transformer

Dry type Electrical Transformer

The Sikes' dry type electrical transformer is primarily used as electricity controllers and power generators of devices in UPS, EPS and other industries. The transformer features effective segregation of a portion of harmonics, high interference resistance and strong security. The device also has tiny size, light weight, easy maintenance and reliable execution.

The transformer is widely applied in high buildings, business centers, metros, airports, train stations, industrial and mining enterprises and power plants, where a high fireproof standard is enforced.

Design Purpose: accommodating to strict fireproof standard
Phase: single phase/three phases
Standards Conformed: IEC60076-11, GB/T10228-1997, GB6450-1986, GB/T17211-111998
Rated Power: 50-3000kVA
Operational Frequency: 50-60Hz

1. The dry type electrical transformer enjoys current segregation which ensures safe use of the product.
2. Aided by vacuum pressure varnishing, the device gains fine erosion resistance.
3. The iron core applies imported high magnetic conductive silicon steel sheets, and adopts a 45 degree progressive seaming method to construct. The surface of the iron core is coated with special, moisture proof and rust proof resin to effectively
4. reduce idling loss and idling noise.
5. The security level of the device supports customization.
6. Besides, the transformer also features safety, fire resistance, small pollution, high reliability and long service life.

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