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Solar Photovoltaic Isolation Transformer

  • Solar Photovoltaic Isolation Transformer
  • Solar Photovoltaic Isolation Transformer

The Sike' s solar photovoltaic isolation transformer is applied to solve power grid problems in photovoltaic power generation, such as harmonic waves, flash changes, DC magnetic bias and overvoltage. The product is deployed between the electrical grid and grid connected inverters to segregate inverting and sending electric energy back to the grid.

Main applications of the transformer include photovoltaic power generation, wind power transmission, high power UPS devices, inverters, machine tools, medical devices and rectifiers.

Phase: customizable
Power Capacity: 50kVA/100kVA/250kVA/500kVA, customization supported
Rated Voltage: 315V/400V-220V/150V/400V-290V, customization supported
Connection Method: Yyn0, customization supported
Insulation Level: level B/level F/level H
Impedance: 3-5%
Efficiency: >98%
Overloading Capacity: 15%
Dielectric Strength: 3000V AC/min, leakage current<5mA
Temperature Rise: <100K under rated power
Materials: high quality silicon lamination achieving low idling loss and small noise. Performing vacuum pressure varnishing to ensure mechanic intensity and moisture proofing capability of the transformer.

1. The solar photovoltaic isolation transformer features current segregation to ensure safe use of the product.
2. Vacuum pressure varnishing is performed to achieve fine erosion resistance of the device.
3. An customizable fault protection module is embedded within the transformer.
4. Multiple choices of input/output voltage combinations are available.
5. The iron core of the transformer is constructed with high quality silicon lamination material, resulting in high reliability, tiny size, light weight and competitive prices of the product.
6. Scaffolding-free or foil winding techniques are adopted to manufacture the coils made up with composite insulation materials with high heat resistance. Consequently, the device features strong electromagnetic endurance and an agreeable contour.
7. Varnishing of different insulation levels are performed to the device to significantly reduce the noise and weaken the influence of salty spray or mold. Besides, the transformer also receives tiny magnetic leakage and stable capability.

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