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Power Supply Isolation Transformer

  • Power Supply Isolation Transformer
  • Power Supply Isolation Transformer

The Sikes' power supply isolation transformer is mainly applied as electricity controllers and power generators of devices in UPS, EPS and other industries. The transformer is capable of effectively segregating a part of harmonics, and has strong anti-interference and good security. The device features tiny size, light weight, easy maintenance and reliable execution.

Rated Voltage: 400V AC
Reactance Strength: iron core-windings 3000V AC/50HZ/5mA, 10s without arcing or breakdown
Insulation Resistance: iron core-windings 1000V DC, ≥100MΩ
Transformer Noise: <75dB (tested 1 meter away from the transformer)
Standard Conformed: IEC, GB

1. The Sikes' power supply isolation transformer features current segregation; besides the transformer achieves fine erosion resistance due to the vacuum pressure varnishing techniques.
2. Multiple combinations of input/output voltage are available within the transformer.
3. The iron core of the device is manufactured with high quality silicon lamination, resulting in high reliability, tiny size, light weight and competitive prices of the product.
4. The transformer is equipped with coils made up of composite insulation materials with high heat resistance. Further aided by scaffolding-free or foil winding techniques, the device receives high electromagnetic endurance and a tidy appearance.
5. Varnishing of different insulation levels are performed to the device, conforming to varied specifications; consequently, the device has small noise, tiny magnetic leakage, stable capability, and is hardly influenced by salt spray or mold.
6. The cabinet for the transformer is constructed with top quality steel materials according to different protection level, with both air circulation and protection taken into consideration. Wiring of the transformer is also easy to operate, reflecting the user-friendly design purpose.

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