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Generator Test Load Bank

  • Generator Test Load Bank
  • Generator Test Load Bank

The Sikes' generator test load bank consists of reliable load components, including circuit breakers, contractors, AC power adapters, LED displays, voltmeters and ammeters. The Sikes' motor testing solutions provide basic motor functionality examination to prevent diesel engine faults caused by wet piling.

The generator test load bank is applied to testing of power generators used in families and business centers, in order to validate their capability and reliability.

Power Range: 1kVA-1MVA
Power Factor: 1.0
Voltage Range: three phase 220V(support client specification)
Operating Frequency: 50/60Hz
Protection Level: IP20
Insulation Level: level F/level H
Working Period: at least one hour of continuous work(long term)
Load Features: resistive load, inductive load and capacitive load
Load Protection: short-circuit, overvoltage, overcurrent, high temperature, lowest air flow
Control Method: remote manual control, remote computer control
Test Protection: conforms to national and telecommunication test standards(optional)
Cooling: air-forced
Standards Conformed: ISO, FCC, CE
Ambient Altitude: <2500m
Ambient Temperature: -30-55℃
Electric Parameters Visualization: no meters preset, support customization
Installation Position: indoor
Installation&Transmission: wheels at the bottom to simplify transmission; rings on the top to support hoisting

1. The generator test load bank is constructed with light alloys, weighing far less than regular steel covers.
2. The load bank is equipped with a large LED display to simplify operations and to show data and waves in a real-time manner.
3. The power of the device is consecutively adjustable from 0 to 4kW; current is consecutively adjustable from 0 to 20A.
4. Discharging time of the device ranges from 0 to 99 hours, with precision down to one minute.
5. Various parameters, including current, finishing time, discharging power and voltage bounds(upper and lower) are configurable.
6. The device integrates a emergency button to force stop discharging process when three phase voltage is excessively high.
7. The load bank adopts overcurrent short circuit protection functionality to alarm the user and halt automatically in case of any fan faults.

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