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Harmonic Test RCD Load Bank

  • Harmonic Test RCD Load Bank
  • Harmonic Test RCD Load Bank

The SIKES RCD load bank provide 3 phase 4 wire connection which is mainly used to provide harmonic waves for testing active harmonics filters. RCD Load bank is made up of three single phase RCDs,it generates 3rd and 5th harmonics.

The RCD load bank can be used to test active harmonic filter products.

Total Harmonic Current: 150A
Total Current(harmonic&non-harmonic): 396A
Harmonic Current Distribution: 67A, 67A, 67A, 67A, 67A, 67A
Rated Voltage: AC400V three-phase, AC220V single phase
Power Factor: 0.7
Operating Frequency: 50/60Hz
Resistance Precision: ≤±3%
Load Protection: load overheating alarm, short-circuit, overvoltage, overcurrent, cooling fan protection, high temperature protection
Electricity Charge Display: three phase digital-display meter
Working Period: supports continuous working when cooling fan is on
Control Method: load switching is controlled by circuit breaker
Power Supply: AC380V, 50HZ, 2kW
Load Cooling: axial flow fan forced cooling, with cool air input from the bottom and output from the top. Fan noise is less than 75 dB (measured at 1 meter away from the fan)
Protection Level: IP00
Ambient Altitude: <2500m
Ambient Temperature: -30-55℃
Electric Parameters Visualization: no meters preset, support customization
Installation Position: indoor
Installation&Transmission: wheels at the bottom to simplify transmission; rings on the top to support hoisting

1. The harmonic test RCD load bank has a total harmonic current of up to 396A.
2. The load bank features high long-term stability, wide compatibility and a compact, firm cabinet construction.
3. Cooling fans are attached to the device to support long time continuous work.
4. We provide customization to current meters, voltage meters and other digital-display meters.

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