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Electrical Reactor

    1. AC Line ReactorThe AC line reactor is a current restricting device deployed at the input end of drives to protect them from transient overvoltage. The reactor has the capability of lowering peak current, enhancing real power factor, suppressing electrical grid harmonics and improving input current waves.
    1. AC Load ReactorThe AC load reactor is applied for smoothly filtering wave and suppressing transient voltage and service life extending of motor drives. The reactor is capable of reducing motor drive noise, lowering eddy current loss, extending service life of motors.
    1. Active Power Filter ReactorThe active power filter reactor is deployed in single phase DC source and high frequency source to output harmonics at 10-20kHz high frequency. The wave filtering reactor can be cascaded or shunted into the system; when cascaded, it is mainly used to reduce harmonic current in circuits.
    1. Inverter DC ReactorThe inverter DC reactor is capable of reducing total harmonic distortion in current caused by the capacitor harmonics, and preventing rectifier bridge damage and capacitor overheating due to impulse current.
    1. DC ReactorThe DC reactor can reduce current impulse in DC circuits, secure the consistency of current when inductance reaches a certain value, curb total harmonic distortion in current caused by capacitor harmonics, and prevent rectifier bridge damage.
    1. Detuned ReactorThe detuned reactor is used to avoid harms caused by harmonic current. The product series are used in low voltage reactive power compensation devices. In practice, the detuned reactor is cascaded to capacitor, reducing resonating frequency of the capacitor.
    1. Dry type Iron Core Series ReactorThe dry type iron core series reactor is used in electrical systems with a 50/60 Hz frequency, 6kV-35kV AC voltage, and should be cascaded with capacitor bank. The reactor is capable of effectively suppressing high order harmonics, restricting overvoltage and inrush current.
    1. Harmonic Filter ReactorThe harmonic filter reactor is coupled with capacitor to form a harmonic wave circuit. The reactor is mainly used to reduce harmonic current in circuits, eliminating harmonic of order 3,5,7,11,13 and higher. The device can either be cascaded or shunted into a system.
    1. Inverter Testing Load ReactorThe inverter testing load reactor is capable of simulating pure inductive load to test inverters, inverters, UPS devices and motor drives.

Sikes mainly provide electronic passive device and electric power quality device, including electrical reactor, AC and DC reactor, power resistor, power transformer, regenerative power unit and dynamic braking unit for use in power inverter, frequency converter, servo drive system, solar and wind power generation systems. As we have well equipped manufacturing equipment, and plenty of raw materials, our company offer high quality electrical reactor and other passive components for customers.