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Harmonic Filter Reactor

  • Harmonic Filter Reactor
  • Harmonic Filter Reactor

The harmonic filter reactor is coupled with capacitor to form a harmonic wave circuit. The reactor is mainly used to reduce harmonic current in circuits, eliminating harmonic of order 3,5,7,11,13 and higher. The device can either be cascaded or shunted into a system. In a grid connected Inverter the reactor converts switching impulse voltage/current generated by inverting bridges to consecutive analogs, resulting in its highly pertinent wave filtering functionality.

The harmonic filter reactor is widely used in energy feedback devices, inverters, servo motors, photovoltaic inverters and new energy fields such as UPS devices.

Rated Wire Current: <1000V
Carrier Frequency: ≥2kHz
Reactance Strength: windings-ground 3000V AC/50HZ/60s without arcing or breakdown
Insulation Resistance: windings-ground, ball screws-ground 500V DC, ≥100MΩ
Reactor Noise: <65dB (tested 1 meter away from the reactor)
Protection Level: IP00
Insulation Level: level F/level H
Standard Conformed: IEC289, 1987 Reactors, GB10229-88 Reactors(eqvIEC289:1987)

1. We construct the harmonic filter reactor with various magnetic materials such as silicon lamination, ferrite and amorphous iron core, according to operational frequency specified by the clients.
2. Benefited by compact structure, small DC resistance and strong electromagnetic force, the reactor has fine short-period overloading capacity.
3. Level F insulation materials are applied to manufacture the reactor, ensuring reliability of the product under harsh working conditions.
4. The reactor is designed to have low magnetic flux density and high linearity. Supplemented by such features and a strong overload protecting board, the reactor enjoys low noise during service.

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