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Inverter DC Reactor

  • Inverter DC Reactor
  • Inverter DC Reactor

The inverter DC reactor is capable of reducing total harmonic distortion in current caused by the capacitor harmonics, and preventing rectifier bridge damage and capacitor overheating due to impulse current. The reactor also enhances power factor, lowers alternating current pulse in DC bus and restricting transient change of voltage in electrical grids.

The inverter DC reactor is usually customized according to specific inverters.

Rated Voltage: 500-1200V DC
Reactance Strength: iron core-windings 3000V AC/50HZ/5mA, 10s without arcing or breakdown
Insulation Resistance: iron core-windings 1000V DC, ≥100MΩ
Reactor Noise: <65dB (tested 1 meter away from the reactor)
Standard Conformed: GB19212.1-2008, GB19212.21-2007, GB1094.6-2011

1. The inverter DC reactor is manufactured with insulation material of excellent heat resistance and scaffolding-free technique to achieve high heat endurance level. The product is available with a heat resistance level of F or H.
2. The reactor applies TIG welding techniques, resulting in low noise, small magnetic leakage and stable inductance of the product.
3. The coils of the device adopts the foil winding construction to receive strong electromagnetic endurance.
4. The iron core of the reactor is made up of high quality, low loss grain-oriented silicon steel, so that the product features high reliability, small size and light weight.

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