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AC Load Reactor

  • AC Load Reactor
  • AC Load Reactor

The AC load reactor is applied for smoothly filtering wave and suppressing transient voltage and service life extending of motor drives. The reactor is capable of reducing motor drive noise, lowering eddy current loss, extending service life of motors and curbing leakage current generated at outputing high order harmonics and protecting the switching components in inverters.

The AC load reactor is widely adopted in inverter industry, cranes, winches, smelting and steel rolling devices, port-utilized devices and tower cranes.

Rated Voltage: 380V/690V/1140V available
Operational Frequency: 50/60Hz
Current Range: 5-1600A
Reactance Ratio: 1%
Working Temperature: -25-50℃
Reactance Strength: iron core-windings 3000V AC/50HZ/5mA, 10s without arcing or breakdown
Insulation Resistance: iron core-windings 1000V DC, ≥100MΩ
Reactor Noise: <65dB (tested 1 meter away from the reactor)
Protection Level: IP00
Insulation Level: level F/level H
Standard Conformed: GB19212.1-2008, GB19212.21-2007, GB1094.6-2011

1. The AC load reactor can be constructed with a variety of magnetic materials(silicon lamination, ferrite, amorphous iron core, powder core) according to operational frequency specified by the clients.
2. The reactor adopts a high-performance foil winding construction which features low AC resistance, high electromagnetic endurance and strong short-period overloading capacity.
3. High performance insulation material of over level F is applied to the product, so that the device remains reliable under harsh working conditions.
4. The reactor is designed with low magnetic flux density, high linearity and high overloading capacity, as well as low noise derived from vacuum pressure varnishing.

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