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AC Line Reactor

  • AC Line Reactor
  • AC Line Reactor

The AC line reactor is a current restricting device deployed at the input end of drives to protect them from transient overvoltage. The reactor has the capability of lowering peak current, enhancing real power factor, suppressing electrical grid harmonics and improving input current waves.

The line reactor is widely applied in inverter industry, cranes, winches, smelting and steel rolling devices, port-utilized devices and tower cranes.

Rated Voltage: 380V/690V/1140V available
Operational Frequency: 50/60Hz
Current Range: 5-1600A
Reactance Ratio: 2% (variations of 3%/4%/5% available)
Working Temperature: -25-50℃
Reactance Strength: iron core-windings 3000V AC/50HZ/5mA, 10s without arcing or breakdown
Reactor Noise: <65dB (tested 1 meter away from the reactor)
Protection Level: IP00
Insulation Level: level F/level H
Standard Conformed: GB19212.1-2008, GB19212.21-2007, GB1094.6-2011

1. A high performance foil winding structure is applied to the AC line reactor to achieve small AC resistance, strong short circuit endurance and short-period overloading capacity.
2. The reactor applies high quality composite insulation materials of over level F to secure the capability of the device under harsh working conditions.
3. The reactor has low magnetic flux density, high linearity, high overloading capacity, and low noise derived vacuum pressure varnishing technique.
4. The product constructs its iron core with leading classing, low loss grain-oriented silicon steel, so that it features small inductance loss, high efficiency and low temperature rise during service.

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