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Power Quality Filter

    1. Passive Harmonic FilterThe passive harmonic filter can be applied in DC fast chargers, HVAC devices, fan and water pump systems, industrial automation and robotics device, AC and DC motor drives and inverters and equipment with 6-pulse front-end rectifiers.
    1. Sine Wave FilterThe Sikes' sine wave filter is widely used in various motor drives in transmission systems to transform generated non-sine voltage to a wave that resembles regular sine wave. The filter is mainly applied in industrial electrical grids with voltage ranging from 380 to 480V.
    1. Single Phase Harmonic FilterThe Sikes' single phase harmonic filter is specially designed to cope with application circumstances without 3-phase power supply. The filter can effectively reduce harmonic current, suppressing total harmonic distortion to 15% to curb its impact on surrounding devices and upper-level electrical grids.

Sikes mainly provide electric power quality device and electronic passive device, there are a wide range of passive harmonic filter, EMC filter, EMI filter, as well as power resistor, power transformer, regenerative power unit and dynamic braking unit for use in power inverter, frequency converter, servo drive system, solar and wind power generation systems. As we have fully equipped manufacturing, test and inspection equipment, our company offer high quality electrical passive components in customer needs.

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