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Single Phase Harmonic Filter

  • Single Phase Harmonic Filter
  • Single Phase Harmonic Filter

The Sikes' single phase harmonic filter is specially designed to cope with application circumstances without 3-phase power supply. The filter can effectively reduce harmonic current, suppressing total harmonic distortion to 15% to curb its impact on surrounding devices and upper-level electrical grids. The filter is capable of cutting down excessive current in neutral line when information facilities are crammed, as well as lowering device temperature, enhancing power factor, reducing system halting time and extending service life of devices.

The single phase harmonic filter is applied in treating harmonics generated under industrial and business contexts, such as business buildings, schools, and residential houses where massive computers and SMPS are installed. The device is also suitable for devices driven by single phase inverters, such as submerged pumps, irrigation devices, fans and blowers, and other motors and drivers.

Power Supply: passive
Rated Voltage: 240V AC
Frequency: 50Hz
Overloading Rate: a minute under 120% rated power
Total Harmonic Distortion(current): THDi<15% @full load(background THDv<2%, imbalance<1%)
Ambient Temperature: -25-50°C @full load
Storage Temperature: -40-50°C
Altitude Without Derating: 0-2000M
No-load Current: <40% rated current
Wire-cover Voltage Endurance: 2500V DC
Protection: IP00 for open structure, IP20 for outdoor usage(specification supported)

1. Tiny leakage current is generated by the single phase harmonic filter, which conforms to electrical needs of medical devices.
2. The filter is applied to reduce high frequency harmonics and noise generated by electrical grids and SMPS.
3. High insertion loss is adopted in the device to effectively suppress noise and interference of wire-to-wire and wire-to-ground interference.
4. The product is widely used in all kinds of electronic tools and electronic measuring equipment.

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