Sine Wave Filter

  • Sine Wave Filter
  • Sine Wave Filter

The Sikes' sine wave filter is widely used in various motor drives in transmission systems to transform generated non-sine voltage to a wave that resembles regular sine wave. The filter is mainly applied in industrial electrical grids with voltage ranging from 380 to 480V, in order to reduce noise and protect motor drives that are relatively more sensitive.

Typical applications of the device include the following:
1. When inverter is connected to motor drives with a wire of over 300 meters or through a transformer
2. Ventilation devices, conveyors, pumps and wind power generating systems
3. Heating, ventilation and air-conditioning devices and compressors
4. Elevators, cranes, UPS and EPS

Power Supply: passive
Load Form: typical motor load
Input Voltage: 3-phase 380-500±10%
Total Harmonic Distortion(voltage): THDv<5%
Motor Frequency: 0-120Hz
Switch Frequency: 2kHz-16kHz(varied according to specifications)
Resonance Frequency: less than 50% switch frequency
Voltage Drop: ≦10%(50Hz) under rated current
Protection Level: IP21
Insulation Level: level F
Total Harmonic Distortion: < 5%(40-80Hz)
Dielectric Strength: AC4000V/5mA/60S
Insulation Resistance: ≧100MΩ(DC1000V)
Temperature Rise: ≤100K

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