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Passive Harmonic Filter

  • Passive Harmonic Filter
  • Passive Harmonic Filter
  • Passive Harmonic Filter

The passive harmonic filter can be applied in DC fast chargers, HVAC devices, fan and water pump systems, industrial automation and robotics device, AC and DC motor drives and inverters and equipment with 6-pulse front-end rectifiers.

Power Supply: passive(no power supply needed)
Input Voltage: 3-phase 380-500±10%
Total Harmonic Distortion(current): THDi<10% (a 5% variation is also supported)
Harmonics Treated: 2n-1=1~40
Frequency: 50±5Hz
Efficiency: COSФ>0.9
Filtering Result: conform to IEC61000 and GB/T14549-93 standards
Working Temperature: -10-50℃
Storage Temperature: -40-65℃
Ambient Humidity: 0-98%
Altitude Without Derating: <2000M
Protection level: IP20 for indoor usage, IP23/IP54 outdoor(specification supported)
Overloading Rating: 30 minutes under 120% rated current
Structure: standard, floor-mounted, or client-specified(optional)
Installation Methods: independent, integrated, or user-specified(optional); a 100mm space is reserved around the passive harmonic filter for heat radiation

1. The passive harmonic filter is used to treat harmonic wavelength generated by inverters and other 3-phase rectifying circuits.
2. The filter features low upstream harmonic losses to save energy while operating at over 99% efficiency.
3. We guarantee that the input current and total harmonic voltage distortion(THDU) of the device conform to IEEE 519 standard.
4. The harmonic filter does not resonate with other components in the circuit and will not attract line-side harmonics.
5. The device is capable of suppressing overvoltage caused by commutation notching, capacitor bank switching and other rapid changing loads.
6. Improved power factor of the entire system is achieved through elimination of harmonics.
7. The product is suitable for application on multiple inverters as long as only inverters are connected.
8. The filter reduces EMI generated by inverters.
9. Models of various specifications conforming to AC drives, DC drives or other controlled rectifiers are available.
10. Variations of THDi less than 10% and 5% are available.
11. The device is equipped with a standardized hard cover, offering fine outdoor protection and electrical security protection.

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