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EMC Filter, EMI Filter
(Electromagnetic Compatibility Filter, Electromagnetic Interference Filter)

    1. Three Phase Power Line FilterThe three phase power line filter reduces electromagnetic interference(EMI) noise of electrical grid devices considerably. Typical applications of the filter include three-phase power supply equipment such as inverter systems, PV systems, wind power systems.
    1. AFE Sine Wave FilterThe AFE sine wave filter is used to eliminate the interference of harmonics generated by four-quadrant inverters and regenerative power on electrical grid system, so that the entire system works as expected.
    1. Solar Photovoltaic Inverter EMC FilterThe solar photovoltaic inverter EMC DC filter is specifically designed to assist photovoltaic power stations to conform to their EMC and security standard. The filter has an outstanding capability of suppressing noise in common mode and differential mode.
    1. 3 Phase Input EMC Filter, EMI FilterThe 3 phase input EMC filter, EMI filter has a satisfactory interference containing capability, and is mainly applied in the input end of inverters to protect the system from being polluted by harmonic wavelength.
    1. 3 Phase Output EMC Filter, EMI FilterThe 3 phase output EMC filter, EMI filter is usually applied in the output end of inverters to enhance power quality.
    1. Single Phase EMC Filter, EMI FilterThe single phase EMC filter, EMI filter is applied in single phase AC circuits. It has excellent interference containing capability, capable of enhancing power quality. The filter is fit for data processing systems, telecommunication devices, inverters and power conditioning devices.

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