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AFE Sine Wave Filter

  • AFE Sine Wave Filter
  • AFE Sine Wave Filter

The AFE sine wave filter is used to eliminate the interference of harmonics generated by four-quadrant inverters and regenerative power on electrical grid system, so that the entire system works as expected.

Typical applications of the AFE sine wave filter include four-quadrant inverters, cranes, elevators, pumps, high-speed centrifuges, mixers, conveyors, etc.

Voltage Range: 400V AC
Switching Frequency: 8kHz
Insulation Class: level F
Overloading Capacity: a minute under 150% rated current, an hour under 120%
Cooling Method: natural cooling
Noise: ≦80dB
Temperature Rise: ≦100

1. The reactor of AFE sine wave filter is constructed with enameled copper wires, featuring clean and reliant crafts and tight coats. Vacuum pressure varnishing is employed to achieve the low noise nature of the device.
2. Due to its simple and compact design, the filter requires small place for installation and enjoys excellent heat radiation.

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